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Our best selling edition! Alongside a new collection of LazyApe disposable carts with a unique flavor profile that is sure to leave you in awe. Featuring flavors that have been carefully crafted to give you an unforgettable vaping experience like the LazyApe Mango Stark, Captain Kush, Watermelon Smash and many others. Check it out and be sure to place an order!


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Every product we introduce is hand selected and tested by us before it gets to you. We only release what we love and truly believe in.

LazyApe - SuperApes Edition

This limited-edition LazyApe disposable carts has been designed with the vaping enthusiast in mind, offering a unique experience that is sure to satisfy. It comes equipped with advanced features, a durable construction, and a vibrant array of colors and designs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your vaping experience or just add some flavor to your device, the Mutant Edition is sure to do the job.

LazyApe - Mutant Edition

Get a taste of our just released designer concentrates. Sixteen 1 ounce jars with a net weight of 1 pound each (28g). This product is so pure it's reaction will definitely leave you in the awe. Buy LazyApe Concentrates online and be sure to place an order

LazyApe - Designer Concentrates

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